This simple script draws the previous higher timeframe candle high/low to your chart.

You can also make the script paint the zone between the low/open and the high/close.
發布通知: Minor improvements
發布通知: -
- Converted to Pine Script v4
- Fixed repainting
發布通知: -
- Added alert functionality!
發布通知: -
- Fixed fill zone colors overlapping
- Added alert functionality (detects breakouts)
發布通知: -
- Fixed long alerts (they were triggering off the HTF close, not the high - whoops!)


If you want to master Pine Script coding, watch my free YouTube lessons or get the source code to my scripts then check out my Pine Script Mastery Course website:


Wonderful indicator
It is a wonderful indicator.
My suggestion is to have in the settings the possibility to remove the segments from htf high to high and low to low.
Thumbs up
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