Horizontal Sessions - B A N K $

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This is a simple indicator that has been designed to aid intraday trading and has only 1 function;

Information ℹ️
This indicator prints Horizontal Lines in a separate chart pane above/below for the 3 main session killzones in the markets; Asia, London & New York + Optimal Exit Time.

The indicator is only visible up to and including the 1h timeframe.

Settings ⚙️
The default timings are set to perfectly align with each session killzone however the Start & End times for each session can be changed in the settings.

You can change the colour & line thickness of the horizontal lines in the settings.
ℹ️ Initially you had to make a session invisible to hide it.

➕ I have now added a toggle option for each session.

(I have also amended the End time for London Killzone to be an hour later.)
  • Tidied up settings to make them more compact & neater
  • Added tooltips for timezone conversion


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