Gold Value Rainbow

This indicator can only be used with 'GOLD' ticker. It is used to estimate Gold valuation based on major countries base money supply M0 such as US, EU, JP and CN. These 4 countries represent nearly 75% of total global money supply in the world. The chart will compare how gold value will move alongside with base money supply for comparison study. The chart presented here is just a relative comparison with some scaling and shifting so it doesn't refers to any real measurement. However it can be used to track gold price whether it's too cheap or too expensive in relative to money supply available in the market.

- The gray line represent major countries money supply M0
- The rainbow above the gray line represent the multiplication factors from 1x, 2x, ..., 10x
- The rainbow below the gray line represent the division factors from 0.8x, 0.6x, ..., 0.2x

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