Adjacent HMA Stop

Release Note:

This indicator script setup is published to identify the strength and ride the trends.


HMA 100 period is used as default. However this can be changed as per wish. Major turning points or decisions can be made using this HMA line. Purple color is used to identify this. This can be used as the final extreme stop for any trend before it turns.

Adjacent Line:

Blue colored Adjacent line can be used to determine the trend strength or ride the trend till it slows down. When trending move happens it can be ride till the candles comes within this Adjacent line. And then sideways move or the moves between HMA & Adjacent line can be traded


Dotted lines in Red and Green colors are used as very tight stop. This can be also used as first level of profit booking when very strong move happens.

Trend View:

There is an optional 'Trend View' which can be used to determined the trend.


//This script/indicator published with the idea of finding the strength of any instruments. Trade decisions and execution are up to the traders/users as per their understanding
//Courtesy: Thanks to Alan Hull and Richard Donchian as some of the concepts are inspired from them

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