Engulfing Signal Considering Three Bars Before

Its a simple analysis using Candle Pattern Technique, Engulfing . The script will find the engulf candle by considering three bars before. For Bullish Engulfing it will be colored by yellow, and for Bearish will be white. I reccomend you for using this script in Daily Time Frame.

從常用腳本中移除 新增至常用腳本


Thanks for adding the alerts to this old script
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amri_pangestu gottatradeit
@gottatradeit, Ur welcome
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Nice indicator. Trying15min intraday along with pivot point. Thank you bro
amri_pangestu raja74sekhar
@raja74sekhar, Ur welcome Bro
there seems something wrong, engulfin is supposed to take whole of prev candle inside current but in your script missing
amri_pangestu daytraderph
@daytraderph, Iam just using three bars before and usually using this strategy for my position, but thank you for your suggestion, next I'll try to identificate the whole trend.
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