Red Dog Reversal Pattern

This indicator is a interpretation of the Red Dog Reversal Pattern which was discovered by T3Live founder Scott Redler. (AFAIK)

The indicator is maybe useful for Day Trade or Swing Trade.

BUY Criteria:
1. Stock is down for multiple days
2. Stock goes below prior day's low
3. Stock trades back up through prior day's low, which triggers the buy
4. The stop is set at the current intraday low

SELL Criteria:
1. Stock is up for multiple days
2. Stock goes above the prior day's high
3. Stock trades back down through prior day's high, which triggers the sell
4. The stop is set at the current intraday high

Please always remember, there is no holy grail indicator!
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Thanks alot, can you share the source code? I'd like to test a few modifications, but dont want to start from scratch.
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Can you please share your source code?
fyntrade hnguyen123
@hnguyen123, the source code represents precisely what is written in the description. It is not that complicated, but I'm sorry I will not give access to the source code yet.
nice work. The theory looks convincing
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