Full strategy AllinOne with risk management MACD RSI PSAR ATR MA

Hey, I am glad to present you one of the strategies where I put a lot of time in it.

This strategy can be adapted to all type of timecharts like scalping, daytrading or swing.

The context is the next one :
First we have the ATR to calculate our TP/SL points. At the same time we have another rule once we enter(we enter based on % risk from total equity, in this example 1%, at the same time, lowest ammount for this example is 0.1 lots, but can be modified to 0. 01 ), so we can exit both by tp/sl points, or by losing 1% of our equity or winning 1% of our total equity. It's dinamic.

The strategy is made from
Trend direction :

First confirmation point :
Crossover between 10EMA and Bollinger bands middle point

Second confirmation
MACD histogram

Third confirmation
RSI overbought/oversold levels

For entries : we check trend with psar, then once ema cross bb middle point, we confirm together with rsi level for overbought/oversold and macd histogram ( > 0 or <0).

We exit, when we have opposite sign, like from buy to sell or sell to buy, or when we reach tp/sl points, or when we reach % basaed equity points.

It can be changed to be fixed lots, or fixed tp/sl , you just have to uncomment the size from entries, and tp/sl lines.

At the same time, it has the possibility if one desires, to trade only concrete forex session like european, asian and so on for intraday trading.

Hope you enjoy it.

Let me know how it goes.


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Hello there. Very good looking script. I've got it up for cryptocurrencies. However, the problem lies within the lot size. I have no way to change it. I believe it is hardcoded into the code above. I am no programmer. What can I do to change this? Also, can use a specific setting to change stop loss %? Also TP% Are these variables within the settings? Really nice going, though. Not being a programmer, I do not think I can appreciate how much time and effort you put in. I suppose I can relate it to writing an end of semester term paper, perhaps even a thesis. Anyway, good going!

I also would like to try out your other "EXTREME" script. Could that be adaptable to cryptocurrency as well? Thanks again!
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Appreciate you sharing this, very interesting strategy and it seems you have putten a lot of work/thought on it. I know how hard is to build a strategy.
By the way, should the indicator at the bottom plot something?
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SoftKill21 dman103
@dman103, Thank you mate for your kind words. No, its just there, but if you want to have a visual of how the strategy works, you can put on screen an EMA 10, a BB with 17 and 2 params, then PSAR with 0.02 and 0.02 and 0.2 max, an MACD and an RSI. I can give you a link to have an idea how it looks like . Something like this : .
dman103 SoftKill21
@SoftKill21, Roger that, thanks!
Can you please help me here. Where should I wrote the Take-Profit UUID ?

Thx by advance. (I like the videos you made , by the way !)
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It seems good one. I'm new here. Can it be downloaded? or I have to purchase it?
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Thanks for sharing this. And putting the hard work. This is a gem and is going to help me a lot. Appreciate it.
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SoftKill21 crypto_winger
@crypto_winger, thank you for your kind words mate :) enjoy it
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I took a quick look on 5min and 15min chart for 1 day.

Most alerts are really good. It missed a few pumps and dumps but most entry points are spot on... Does it repaints?