123 Trend Continuation Pattern

This simple indicator will help identify the 123 Patterns on the charts. It's build based on the zigzag indicator , which will work as a guideline to identify the 3 points. As soon as the price crosses the third point, the indicator will draw 3 lines: entry, take profit, and stop loss. Those lines will work as a reference and may help with other indicators. This kind of analysis will work on any time frame and symbol, but those markets that have high volatility may have better result




I am still not understood, why people are not making this type of indicator, this indicator === big money
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I am waiting for this indicator from long time, you really made my day come true. Just quick feedback, Though I am changing high/low length value, but still the pattern is not changing, can you please fix the issue. very very thanks to you
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Nice indicator, but is it also possible to set alerts when target is created?
Do you have the ability to add a Fibonacci filter like it won't count "2" if we don't get a 61.8 fib or which ever fib you select retracement?
thank you for this
It will be really great if you add the Fibonacci extension for selecting the target value
Hi, how do you fix it in a way that it wouldn't draw the entry with the first leg?It does it at times, which is incorrect.
ThiagoSchmitz OutsourcE
@OutsourcE, can you tell me the market and price date where this happens?
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