Cyatophilum Bands Definitive Edition

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A Swing Trade indicator providing backtest and alerts which can be used as a long, short or reversal strategy.

Its main goal is to catch breakouts and huge moves, and to try and beat the Buy & Hold Return.


The strategy consists of a unique custom indicator that works like this:

A Smoothed Donchian Channel combined with a consolidation check will trigger an entry.
The entry is then guided by a faster channel used as a trailing stop.


The most effective way to use this indicator is on high timeframes, from 2H to 1D.
The recommended pairs are trending pairs with consolidation areas. Yes, I'm especially looking at crypto.

The first appproach would be to catch long and short breakouts, and ride the trend using the trailing stop.
Adjust the Bands wisely to trigger entries at the right time.

The second approach is to go longs only, and try to beat the Buy & Hold return.
For this, click "Go long" and use an order size of 100% equity. Then adjust the Bands, trailing stop and chart timeframe.
The Buy & Hold comparator will come handy when backtesting.


Strategy Direction
Choose wether to go long only, short only or both directions.

Bands Configuration
The bands lookback, smoothing and consolidation % are used to change the behavior of the bands. More info in the settings tooltips.

Trailing Stop
The "speed" of the trailing stop can be configured, allowing more or less room for the price to move before exiting.

Volume Condition
In addition to the consolidation condition, you can add a volume check to your entry. Is the volume rising or not? Useful in most scenarios.

Exit Alert Type
If you want to receive alerts during bars or prefer to ignore wicks.

Backtest Settings
This is where you choose the backtest period which is also used to calculate the B&H return.

The configuration panel with all the indicator settings backtest info.
The buy & Hold Comparator is an additional panel that turns green when the strategy's return is greater than the Buy & Hold return.
Note: The Strategy Return is the strategy netprofit + the strategy openprofit.


Configure your alert messages for all events in the indicator settings.
Then click "Add Alert". In the popup window, select the option "alert() function calls only", give the alert a name and you are good to go!


The backtest settings used in this snapshot are the following:
  • Initial Capital: 10 000$
  • Order size: 100% equity (It indeed compounds and this is intended since the main goal of the strategy is to compare to Buy & Hold return)
  • Commission: 0.1%
  • Slippage : 10 ticks

The Indicator settings used for this are shown in the main chart above.
發布通知: Added new Backtest Results panel
You can disable it by going in the style tab -> tables, or by clicking the indicator setting "Backtest Results Table".
You can also change its size if you want to make it bigger or smaller.

It replaces the Buy & Hold Comparator
發布通知: fix backtest closing orders with calc on every tick
發布通知: Added a take profit feature with trailing TP and 2nd take profit target.
When TP is hit, the strategy will re-enter on the next consolidation + breakout signal.
發布通知: Added alerts for TP 1 & TP 2
發布通知: When the exit alert type is set to "once per bar", the backtest now properly exits inside bar, at the exact price of the trailing stop and at the same time as the alert, using a stop order.
發布通知: Added a Trailing Stop Loss feature, indeed some losses could be prevented in case of reversal.
發布通知: Small visual bug fix (when using once per bar exit type sometimes the trailing line was off)
發布通知: Added an option to switch from Donchian Channels to Bollinger Bands + another option to filter stronger breakouts based on Keltner channels.
發布通知: Updated Alert text inputs. Now allows line returns!
發布通知: Never miss a single breakout with the new 'Keltner' Band option!
Added Bands settings: Multiplicator and Offset
發布通知: Updated config panel
發布通知: Added tooltip
Removed multiplicator for DC channel
Fix some visual bug with Take Profit line continuing when SL was hit
Added custom order size setting
發布通知: Added alert placeholders
All alerts:
{price} will return the close price
{ticker} symbol name without exchange prefix
{tickerid} symbol name with exchange prefix
Buy & Sell alert:
{TP}, {TP2}, {SL} will return the TP & SL prices
發布通知: Added EMA Trendline as filter
  • Inputs (quality of life)
  • New ATR trailing stop option
  • Backtest Table new design and options (colors, position)
  • Added Alerts placeholders
  • Plots (gradients, yay!)

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