Contrating diagonal scanner

Hello!, This script´s function is to find what in Elliott Wave theory are called ´´contracting diagonal´´. In order to do so( and this is what differentiates this script from the vast majority of scripts) we looked for programming the search of collinearity(or at least and approximation) inside the price chart, because points 1,3 and 5 should be near to the collinearity. As Elliott Wave theory is applied on every market, this scanner was made to be applied on every market also. Also, once the scanner detects a diagonal, it marks an entry point (which is the price at the exact moment that the diagonal is detected) along with an invalidation level defined for the rules of wave theory and finally a level of objective also defined by these rules.

for all those who want to have access, PM us to obtain access
發布通知: we have improved the ocurrence of invalidation levels.

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