Visualizing Displacement [TFO]

An easy and basic way to visualize displacement (energetic moves) in single bars/candles. This is determined by comparing the bar range (either from high to low, or from open to close) to its standard deviation over some specified length. The strength parameter applies some multiple to the standard deviation, which can help to filter out only the strongest indications of potential displacement.

Displacement is a key concept in Inner Circle Trader (ICT) concepts, especially when anticipating potential changes in trend. Although it's fairly easy to see "displacement candles" with large ranges, the bar coloring in this script can help remind us of who is in control (buyers or sellers) based on what side is creating those energetic moves most recently. Once we see signs of displacement, we can then apply concepts like premium/ discount , order blocks, optimal trade entries, etc. to look for reasonable trade opportunities in the direction of the current trend.

A lack of displacement can be just as telling - if an effort to displace through a key swing high/low has failed, it's possible that a reversal may be underway.


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