Price Trend Meter

Yet another sweet little indicator which measures price pressure over specific period of time. I call it Price Trend Meter ( PTM ),
It's basically similar to the indicator 'Volume Trend Meter' ( VTM ) but this time the calculations are based on price rather than volume .
The indicator sums up all the prices of the green candles and red candles over a specific period of time (source and bars back can be adjusted in indicator settings).

======= Calculation ==========
For Green Column: Total price of green candles is higher than total red candles price for a specific bars back.
For Red Column: Total price of red candles is higher than the total green candles price for a specific bars back.

======= Price Trend Meter Colors =======
Green: Increasing buying pressure.
Red: Increasing selling pressure.

For the Volume Trend Meter indicator go here :

Stay tuned and Follow as a combination indicator of the two indicators ( VTM + PTM ) will be coming up next:
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