OKX Signal BOT - Strategy Scanner & Orderer

Hello traders,
With the OKX Signal BOT - Strategy Scanner & Orderer, you can now design your own strategy, scan over 20 cryptocurrencies, and send orders for futures trades on the OKX exchange.

How to Use:

🌐 First, log into your account on the OKX exchange and create a signal bot.

📝 While creating the signal bot, note down the webhook URL and signal token variables given to you; they'll be needed later.

🔍 Select the trading pairs that the bot will work on.

📈 Add this indicator to your chart.

⚙️ Adjust the values of the indicators you will use in your strategy.

📊 Set your entry conditions and indicator setups according to your preference.

🚀 Decide which condition will generate a LONG signal and which will generate a SHORT signal.

🔗 Then, link these conditions with either an AND or OR connector.

🛠️ This also serves as a strategy designer.

🆔 Paste the signal token value you got from OKX into the OKX Signal ID section in the indicator.

➕ Add the cryptocurrency pairs you added to the bot on OKX to this design tool as well.

💾 Save and exit.

🚨 Set an alarm and paste the webhook URL link you got from OKX.

Congratulations, you can now send signals from Tradingview to the OKX exchange without needing any other platform.

⚠️ Works only for futures trades.
📈 Make your leverage settings through the exchange.
🛑 It is recommended to set take profit and stop loss through the exchange.
🚫 If too many alarms are triggered, Tradingview may stop your alarms.
💡 Ensure that the coins you add in the symbol section are from the OKX exchange.
🔍 For futures trades, make sure the symbols end with ".P".
🎉 Enjoy using it!

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