Central Pivot Range 2x

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Based on a modified Hancock Pivot Range.

Displays the Central Pivot Range for 2 customisable Timeframes Along with Targets which are based on Classic Pivot Point Extensions.
The Pivot Point Extensions are Extended to the right of the price chart which helps eliminate unnecessary clutter
TF1 Displays Right Extensions R3 to S3 + the pivot point
TF2 Displays only Right Extensions R2 to S2
I would have liked to have provided more Right Extensions plus Labels however that would have exceeded Tradingviews memory limits, having said that R3 to S3 for both timeframes can still be displayed as historical levels

Central Pivot Range High Low and Mid Levels + the Targets work great as Support and Resistance and help with analysing the trend
A Thick Central Pivot Range generally indicates consolidation whereas a Thin Central Pivot Range generally indicates a trending market

發布通知: Fixed a fault
發布通知: Connecting lines between Central Pivots have been made transparent
發布通知: Added Alerts for when price enters Pivot Range
發布通知: Added Alerts for when Price is within the Central Pivot Range and RSI 14 is Over Bought or Over Sold - This one is a cracker and may help establish a quick move out of the Central Pivot Range
發布通知: Fixed a fault with the Alert
發布通知: Optimised code

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