Use this code to stop support and resistance
This can be used with the momentum indicators that I have to see if we are likely to breakout or get rejected

Indicator Settings:

The indicator is titled "Support/Resistance | Breaks & Bounces" and is set to overlay on the price chart.
max_lines_count is set to 500, indicating the maximum number of support/resistance lines that can be plotted.
User Input:

The script allows users to customize the pivot method, sensitivity, and line width through input variables.
point_method determines whether the pivot calculation is based on "Candle Wicks" or "Candle Body".
left_bars represents the number of bars to the left used to identify pivot highs/lows.
right_bars is set equal to left_bars.
line_width controls the width of the support/resistance lines.
Global Variables and Arrays:

The script declares several variables and arrays to store information related to support and resistance levels, breakouts, and bounces.
high_source and low_source are calculated based on the selected pivot method.
fixed_pivot_high and fixed_pivot_low store the pivot highs and lows using the chosen sensitivity.
Variables and arrays are initialized for tracking support/resistance lines, breakout triggers, and bounce triggers.
Main Operation:

The main operation occurs when barstate.isconfirmed is true, indicating that a new bar has formed and its data is final.
The script iterates through the support/resistance lines to update their end points (x2) to the current bar.
For each support/resistance line, it checks if a breakout or bounce event has occurred based on the current and previous bar's price levels.
If a breakout or bounce event is detected, the corresponding trigger variables (red_breakout_trigger, red_rejection_trigger, green_breakout_trigger, green_rejection_trigger) are set to true.
The script also checks for changes in the pivot highs and lows and updates the support/resistance lines accordingly.
If a change is detected, it clears the existing lines, breakout, and bounce arrays and adds new lines for the updated pivot levels.

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