Volume Based Buy and Sell Momentum by 2tm

This is Volume based Buy and Sell Momentum script.

Basically I'd just adjusted PVI and NVI

But It's easy to understand current Volume trends and Momentums

Thank you and Wish your successful investment.

Oct 24
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I'm trying out this indicator at the moment, and I like it so far.
What does PVI and NVI stand for? I think something with "volume indicator"
I can from script that you got ROC (rate of change) and SMA (simple moving average) in there.
Keba7791 Keba7791
@Keba7791, Ahh NVI = negative volume indicator ?
PVI = positive volume indicator?

Best regards
Siyeon Keba7791

You explaned The PVI and NVI Means exactly.

While I studied VPCI, I need to know "PVI + NVI".

Thank you and have a nice day. :)
Really interesting, I wonder what what could be done to remove a little bit of noise of the multiple line crosses in a small area
Siyeon zerosdontcount
@zerosdontcount, That sounds great. I'll work it.
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