IFTS+TS Strategy Overlay

Inverse Fisher transform on stochastic with Hull MA and Donchian Channels with oversell/overbuy levels and dynamic trailing stop

Fixed trailing stop
Dynamic, based on ATR trailing stop
Re-enter after trailing stop
Includes Hull MA
Hull MA filtration for re-entering after trailing stop
Donchian channels , with overbuy/oversell levels
No repaints
發布通知: Added entry price zone, filling with TS levels, and some pine lines
Added timeframe multiplier, analogue of using anothen TF in your TF, but with no repaints. (stoch & smooth lenght multiply on difference between TF 30min and lower) Examle: at TF 30 settings are 20 and 5, at TF 15 it will be: 40 and 10.
Added label with profit, taken from backtester
發布通知: Added take profit function
Fixed some bugs and errors in code
發布通知: Updated comission value
發布通知: fixed some bugs

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