Statistical Correlation Algorithm - The Quant Science

Statistical Correlation Algorithm - The Quant Science™ is a quantitative trading algorithm.

This algorithm analyses the correlation ratios between two assets. The main asset (on the chart), and the secondary asset (set by the user). Then apply the long or short trading strategy.

The algorithm divides trading work into three parts:
1. Correlation analysis
2. Long or short entry
3. Closing trades

Inside the strategy: the algorithm analyses the percentage change yields from a previous session, of the secondary asset. If the variation meets the set condition then it will open a long or short position, on the primary asset. The open position is closed after 'x' number of sessions. Stop loss and take profit can be added to the trade exit parameters.

Logic: analyses the correlation between two assets and looks for a statistical advantage within the correlation.

The algorithm includes a quantitative indicator. This indicator is used for correlation analysis and offers a quick reading of the quantitative data. The blue area shows the correlation ratio values. The yellow histograms show the percentage change in the yields of the main asset. Purple histograms show the percentage change in secondary asset yields.

Multi time-frame: the user can set any time-frame for the secondary asset.
Multi asset: the user analyses the conditions on a second asset.
Multi-strategy: the algorithm can apply either the long strategy or the short strategy.
Built-in alerts: the algorithm contains alerts that can be customized from the user interface.
Integrated indicator: the quantity indicator is included.
Backtesting included: automatic backtesting of the strategy is generated based on the values set.
Auto-trading compliant: functions for auto trading are included.

Through the intuitive user interface, you can manage all the parameters of this algorithm without any programming experience. The user interface is extremely descriptive and contains all the information needed to understand the logic of the algorithm and to configure it correctly.

1. Date range: through this function you can adjust the analysis and working period of the algorithm.
2. Asset: through this function you can adjust the secondary asset and its time-frame. You can enter any type of asset, even indices and economic indicators.
3. Asset details: this function is used to adjust the percentage change to be analyzed on the secondary asset. The analysis and input conditions are also chosen.
4. Active long or short strategy: this function is used to set the type of strategy to be used, long or short.
5. Setting algo trading alert: with this function, users can manage alerts for their web-hook.
6. Exit&Money management: with this function the user can adjust the exit periods of each trade and activate or deactivate any stop losses and take profits.
7. Data Value Analysis: this function is used to adjust the parameters for the quantity indicator.

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