[PW]D/W/M/Y pivots with S/R levels

I could not find a pivots script that was entirely to my liking on TV so I re-worked this from the 'Shifted Pivots V1' script by RicardoSantos.

You can choose which timeframe pivots you would like to display from day, week, month, and year.

You can also choose how many levels of S/R you would like to show.
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Very neat and clean UI, thanks for your good work..
If you are working on an update, an option to enable/disable "labels next to the lines (e.g. WP,MP,DP, WS1.....)" would be perfect.
Beautiful work, thank you for sharing!
Fibonacci ?
pigloo PhilMC75
@PhilMC75, not in this version, maybe in a future update if i get time
Thanks again for this. No more dots! Much cleaner and makes more sense.
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