QaSH Momentum Entries

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This script implements a variation of the Rob Hoffman's Inventory Retracement strategy, with entries being triggered by inventory retracement candles. Various confirmation parameters are available, such as
  • EMA slope for momentum confirmation
  • multi-timeframe EMA
  • multi-timeframe Ehler's mother of all moving averages
  • volume confirmation

Position management tools include
  • up to 3 orders can be tracked simultaneously and independently as a method of pyramiding into and out of a position
  • unique order ID's that pass along into the alert message (for helping the automation service manage positions)
  • entry filters based on current position profit
  • entry filters based on entry frequency
  • trade timers that can end a position after a specified amount of time
  • moving the stoploss when in profit
  • various parameters can be passed along into the alerts
發布通知: Added an option for using a following adaptive moving average for confirmation
發布通知: expanded slope range to 0.01-90 degrees
minor visual edit
發布通知: Republishing just to update the image and showcase features
發布通知: added support for "% risk of equity" order sizing
發布通知: added some quantity and leverage placeholders to be used by an automation service
發布通知: fixed script entering a short while already long

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