Impulse MACD [LazyBear]

Impulse MACD is a modified MACD , formed by filtering out the values in a MA range (region between MAs of high and low), thereby reducing whipsaw typical in a sideways market. This is usually plotted as histogram. This also plots the traditional histogram ( MACD - Signal), to help in finding entries/exits.

Use this like a traditional MACD (Zero line crossing or Signal crossing).

Colors legend:
  • Impulse MACD: Possible colors => Lime / Green / Orange / Red, based on the ImpulseMACD position with respect to MidLine and Signal.
  • Impulse MACD Signal: Maroon line.
  • Blue histogram: (ImpulseMACD - Signal).

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// @author LazyBear 
// List of my public indicators: 
// List of my app-store indicators: 
study("Impulse MACD [LazyBear]", shorttitle="IMACD_LB", overlay=false)
lengthMA = input(34)
lengthSignal = input(9)
calc_smma(src, len) =>
	smma=na(smma[1]) ? sma(src, len) : (smma[1] * (len - 1) + src) / len

calc_zlema(src, length) =>
	ema1=ema(src, length)
	ema2=ema(ema1, length)

hi=calc_smma(high, lengthMA)
lo=calc_smma(low, lengthMA)
mi=calc_zlema(src, lengthMA) 

md=(mi>hi)? (mi-hi) : (mi<lo) ? (mi - lo) : 0
sb=sma(md, lengthSignal)
plot(0, color=gray, linewidth=1, title="MidLine")
plot(md, color=mdc, linewidth=2, title="ImpulseMACD", style=histogram)
plot(sh, color=blue, linewidth=2, title="ImpulseHisto", style=histogram)
plot(sb, color=maroon, linewidth=2, title="ImpulseMACDCDSignal")

ebc=input(false, title="Enable bar colors")
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Looks good, LazyBear. Would this be something similar to the Xtreme Direction indicator from I'm looking for something like this to use on TradingView so I can get rid of MT4. Thanks a bunch! :-)
+2 回覆
LazyBear thethirdconfig
Am not familiar with that indicator. If you have the source code, I can take a look to see if it can be ported over.
+1 回覆

Combining indicators for trends is working well.
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LazyBear QuantitativeExhaustion
hello mr lazybear. i hope u r Blessed. i was curious 2 see if you have ever made an indicator 2 aid with fib circles n gann fann- both of which i swear by. but circles tell me something is coming just not direction per se'. wanted to see if its possible and if you would be up to the challenge. thank you so much for your time. if you have already done one or dont feel its worth the hastle thats cool too. Again- thank u from all of us little guys, you truly are an inspiration and a GENIUS. Be Blessed my friend and happy trades. by the way- IMPULSE MACD cant wait to try it
+1 回覆
LazyBear sparky2842

I dont have any specific indicators for those. If you are aware of any, do post the links here. I can take a look.
+1 回覆
meravkn LazyBear
@LazyBear, Thanks for a great indicator! how do I set an alert to notify me when the MACD line goes over the midline? See image here:
+5 回覆
This is genius!!! Thanks!!!
It looks like Length 10 works best.
QuantitativeExhaustion QuantitativeExhaustion
Sorry .. that's Length 14 /// 14 works best for this indicator for default.
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