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The tool you're using is a financial instrument trading planner and analyzer.

Here is how to use it:

Trade Planning: You can plan your trade entries and exits, calculating potential profits, losses, and their ratio (P/L ratio).
You can define up to five target closing prices with varying volumes, which can be individually activated or deactivated (volume set to 0%).

Risk Management: There's a stop-loss function to calculate and limit potential losses.
Additionally, it includes a liquidation pre-calculation for adjustable leverages and position maintenance(subject to exchange variation).

Customization: You can customize the tool's appearance with five adjustable color schemes, light and dark.


Initiation: This tool functions as an indicator.
To start, add it as an indicator.
Once added, you can close the indicator window.
Now wait, till you'll see a blue box at the bottom of the input window.

Parameter Input:
Enter your parameters (SL, box left, box right, TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, TP5) in the direction of the desired trade.
Click from top to bottom for a short trade or bottom to top for a long trade.

Adjustment: If you want to move the box in the future, adjust the times in the indicator settings directly as click input is not yet platform-supported.

This tool functions as a ruler and doesn't offer alerts (for now).

Here is another examples of how to set up a Position-calculation but here for a short:

Have fun trading
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