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Who needs a Technical Analyst?

yes I can hear someone is asking for, and here is one that can help you with technical analysis
The analyst will present a technical anlaysis report at a glance calculated by the most popular technical indicators, and the good part, the anlayst will do it voluntarily

technical skills of the analyst:
- experienced an all markets
- ability to interpret moving averages
- ability to interpret volume changes
- ability to interpret trend folowing indicators such as:
* directional movement index (dmi), identify trend strength and trend direction
* complex ichimoku cloud , identify trend stregth, and tk crosses
- ability to interpret oscillators such as:
* relative strength index , identify oversold overbought levels, identify the rsi flow
* commodity channel index , identify oversold overbought levels
* awesome identify if grawing or falling
* macd if bullish or bearish , and macd histogram if grawing or falling
- ability to calculate probability and its trend

- non-stop hardworker,
- available 7/24,
- highly dedicated always on duty,
- open for new ideas and willing to learn

- upon request the analyst will create reports with custom settings of your choise

the analyst is not a decition maker, trading success is all about following your trading strategy and the analyst aims to help with the presented reports calculated by the most popular technical indicators

the analyst supports 9 of the popular technical indicators and is willing to learn more, please share your comments and feedbacks and help the analyst improve skills


Disclaimer: The script is for informational and educational purposes only. Use of the script does not constitutes professional and/or financial advice. You alone the sole responsibility of evaluating the script output and risks associated with the use of the script. In exchange for using the script, you agree not to hold dgtrd TradingView user liable for any possible claim for damages arising from any decision you make based on use of the script
發布通知: correction : MACD : Signal Smoothing Length corrected
發布通知: typo
發布通知: another typo correction
發布通知: quick update : narrowed the report view by summarizing possible outcome for each indicator in a single line
enhanced outcomes of macd and awesome oscillators
發布通知: the analyst is becoming more skilled, and now the analyst is reporting when the last cross occurred for the technical indicators where the crosses are of importance

crosses are the most common signals produced by technical indicators, and can signify a potentially strong move. the strength of the move is a key factor to identify whether the crosses are potentially strong moves or are false signals

example of crosses
• golden cross : when ma50 crosses ma200
• macd cross : when signal line crosses macd line
• tk cross : when conversion line (tenkan-sen) crosses base line (kijun-sen) of ichimoku cloud
• so on

發布通知: Commodity Channel Index (CCI) removed from the report and instead Stochastic Oscillator (STOCH) added
發布通知: minor update : the analyst is now plotting lables 5 bars ahead of the price
發布通知: in case volume data is not provided the anlyist was assuming the volmue as 0, now will notify that the volume data is not present
發布通知: major update :

the analyst is now capable of preparing colorful, visually more readable and more organized reports thanks to new pine additions of color.rgb and table functionality

the analyst is able to plot some of the components that are used while creating the reports

發布通知: a quick update : added ability to adjust text size of the reports
發布通知: another quick update : added ability to hide descriiption column
發布通知: update

added fear and greed index

for reference and further details of the addition please check :
發布通知: pine error fix

probable cause of the error is likely pine core update may have affected the Analyst's behaviour
發布通知: update : thanks to new pine feature, descriptions are added as tooltips. so, in case 'hide description' option is enabled the users will still be able to view descriptions when hover over the bias column
發布通知: bug fix

Pine Team keeps improving the platform.
With the the latest update it seems Pine Team had improved pine script compilition process which detected wrong input definition I made with this one (default value of an option is set greater than the possible minimum value)
發布通知: the analyst is exploring its reports to a new level
* better content and presentation
* new indicator additions
- Momentum : Dual SuperTrend
- Pressure : DeMark's Pressure Ratio
- Pressure : Elder's Ray - Bull Bear Power
- Pressure : Buying / Selling Volume

PS : Due to lack of space on chart all the new indicators are available when 'Summary View' is selected

References :
DeMark's Pressure Ratio : Tom-DeMark-s-Sequential-Pivot-Pressure and Stoch-X-an-Indicator-of-Indicators
Elder's Ray - Bull Bear Power : Bull-vs-Bear-Power
Dual SuperTrend : Dual-SuperTrend-Ichimoku-and-DMI-Color-Weighted
Technical Report : Pivot-Points
發布通知: major update : the analyst is now capable of
* plotting of all indicators available within its scope, including oscillators
* notifying detected alerts for all indicators within its scope
發布通知: some tweaks
發布通知: some tweaks

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