CDC RSI Divergence 15-10-2016

An updated version of CDC RSI Divergence
The last version have fixed reversal amount to weed out false signal.
The reversal amount, however, needs to be calibrated to different chart.
The new one uses ATR instead, user can customize the ATR multiplier.


though it can be used in such a way it is not designed to.
The system helps identify Bullish and Bearish Divergence to help trader change their bias accordingly and should be used in conjunction with a trend following signal.

BULLISH DIVERGENCE is displayed with a green fill over 50 line.
BEARISH DIVERGENCE is displayed with a red fill under 50 line.
The indicator start on the bar where divergence is detected and persists for another 25 bars for easy regcognition.
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hi this seems great how do i create an alert in trading view as soon as there is divergence detected in the indicator. please help
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i create new indicator file in editor and it didnt work. i checked it and there two error lines 66 error is ")" and 2 error is "study".
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piriya33 sulbas
Have you tried just duplicating the code and edit them?
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