v1 Swing Trade

Hello friends

I have completed the "Swing Trading" Indicator that I have been working on for a long time.

I would like to briefly explain what it does and how it works.

Cryptocurrency Markets have high volatility . Of course, money is made by holding, but we are aware that there are more opportunities in the market as the ebb and flow. I must underline that it is "SMALL" by taking small risks to seize this opportunity. This indicator, which will help us to turn these opportunities to our advantage by taking small risks, briefly works as follows.

It is a blend of 1 indicator, which is based on fibonacci and pivot points , and supports atr indicator data in the background.

I determined the important values ​​of Fibonnaci as entry and exit points. I then completed it with the atr indicator. atr fibonacci automatically pulls the walking graph invisibly.

This data is automatically mixed with the atr indicator.

When the price candles rise above the atr band, the long entry of the entry price comes. immediately after, the stop loss level is set “SMALL”.

Likewise, at the end of 1 Rising Trend, Stuck Prices Will Correct. When the price candles fall below the Atr Band, a short signal comes. and then a "SMALL" Stoploss level is determined together with the entry price.

After entering the position, the following stoploss and take profit work. ( Moves with the Trend, Stop Price Does Not Slip In The Opposite Direction After The First Entry. )

If the trade turns into profit after the stop loss level you entered, you should move your stop loss level together with the algorithm and exit the trade with minimum loss and maximum profit.

Trailing Stoploss

Now it's time to close the position. Price started to shrink. Swing trading Opportunity May Come.

What should the user pay attention to ?

  • Signal should be expected as in the first image.
  • When entering the trade, you should definitely put a stoploss.
  • If the Trade Opportunity is Late, the Transaction should not be entered.
  • And most importantly, you should carry your stoploss level with the algorithm.

Matters to be Considered in the Settings Tab;
  • Candles to lookback ( Do not reduce the number of past candles below 50.)
  • Reverse Target Point ( Definitely Must Stay Active. Don't turn it off.)
  • Formula a and formula b values ​​increase the signal rate. But Too Many Signals Are Not Healthy.

I wish everyone a lot of earnings .


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You can reach me via DM to try the algorithm.