Trend Stability (Expo)

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Trend Stability (Expo) is a multifunctional trend trading tool that identifies all aspects of trend trading. The indicator helps traders to stay on the right side of the market, identify retracements, reversals, and trend strength. In addition to that, we have added momentum - moves for traders that want to do trend scalping. The candle coloring displays the current trend and gives early signs of trend reversals and retracements.

➤ All in one trading tool that filters out noise and leaves us with insights that matter.

  • Real-Time with Alerts
  • No Repainting
  • Works on any market and in any timeframe


Use the indicator to gain insights into all aspects of trend trading:

  • Trend Stability/equilibrium
  • Trend Strength
  • Trend Retracements
  • Trend Reversals
  • Trend Filter
  • Momentum Moves


4-hour chart

The setting used on the chart below displays negative momentum-moves with a noise-free positive trend.

I hope you find this indicator useful, and please comment or contact me if you like the script or have any questions/suggestions for future improvements. Thanks!

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