Indicators: Traders Dynamic Index, HLCTrends and Trix Ribbon

1) Trix Ribbon
This was built on request. Many Stock/FX traders overlay multiple Trix lines to form the ribbon, this indicator makes it easy.

Also, optionally this can plot a BollingerBand on Trix_1.

More info on Trix:

2) High/Low/Close Trend Indicator
Simple indicator using EMAs of H/L/C. If blue line is above the red line, the trend is up, else down. Keep an eye on the zero line too.

3) Traders Dynamic Index
This hybrid indicator helps to decipher and monitor market conditions related to trend direction, market strength, and market volatility .

TDI has the following components:
* Green line = RSI Price line
* Red line = Trade Signal line
* Blue lines = Volatility Bands
* Orange line = Market Base Line

Trend Direction - Immediate and Overall:
* Immediate = Green over Red...price action is moving up.
Red over Green...price action is moving down.
* Overall = Orange line trends up and down generally between the lines 32 & 68. Watch for Orange line to bounces off these lines for market reversal. Trade long when price is above the Orange line, and trade short when price is below.

Market Strength & Volatility - Immediate and Overall:
* Immediate = Green Line - Strong = Steep slope up or down.
Weak = Moderate to Flat slope.

* Overall = Blue Lines - When expanding, market is strong and trending. When constricting, market is weak and in a range. When the Blue lines are extremely tight in a narrow range, expect an economic announcement or other market condition to spike the market.

Entry conditions:
* Scalping - Long = Green over Red,
Short = Red over Green
* Active - Long = Green over Red & Orange lines
Short = Red over Green & Orange lines
* Moderate - Long = Green over Red, Orange, & 50 lines
Short= Red over Green, Green below Orange & 50 line

Exit conditions:
If Green crosses either Blue lines, consider exiting when the Green line crosses back over the Blue line.

* Long = Green crosses below Red
* Short = Green crosses above Red

More info on a complete system using TDI:
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// @author LazyBear
// If you use this code in its orignal/modified form, do drop me a note. 
study("Traders Dynamic Index [LazyBear]", shorttitle="TDI_LB")

r=rsi(src, lengthrsi)
offs=(1.6185 * stdev(r, lengthband))
mab=sma(r, lengthrsipl)
mbb=sma(r, lengthtradesl)

upl=plot(up, color=blue)
dnl=plot(dn, color=blue)
midl=plot(mid, color=orange, linewidth=2)
fill(upl,midl, red, transp=90)
fill(midl, dnl, green, transp=90)
plot(mab, color=green, linewidth=2)
plot(mbb, color=red, linewidth=2)
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Hi, Lazy Bear, how to use the script HLCTrends_LB?
+7 回覆
Hi LazyBear.

Since now i congratulate you for your excelent work and share of all yor published indicator here. Some of them have already given me some greens. :).

I wanted to test and use the indicators that you show here but the only one that appears is the TDI. I read your description in the answer to the same question from another trader but as someone else had already mentioned the option "make it mine" does not appear.

It may be easier for future users of your indicators to share them individually. Because this way you can only use TDI.
I, we, appreciate your help with this.
And again ... Great job.
+4 回覆
It seems TradingView has removed the "Make it mine" button from the share menu.
+3 回覆
Awesome Tool.. Thank you Kindly for all your Great Work on here,,
+2 回覆
Thanks for this. The High/Low/Close Trend Indicator indicator is quite a good on the 4 hour chart.
+1 回覆
LazyBear nick.stoneman.5
nice! Thanks for the info.
+1 回覆
I should qualify - I only took a quick glance of it on the 4 hour chart, and I'm not very good at TA. I like to play the bigger swings and this indicator seems to work OK on the 4 hour chart, but I didn't go back very far.
+1 回覆
Thanks for the TDI. TV admin created a version of the TDI also. It appears to use the same values but when compared to yours, the plots are slightly different. Could you take a look at this and identify what is different between them?

Find theirs here:

Much appreciated.
+1 回覆
LazyBear 4apprentice08
One of this seems to be an adaptation (or adaptation of an get the idea)...also, my implmn doesn't use DEMA (thats why TV version shows more smoothness).

There are so many variations of this out there (using Stoch or RMI instead of RSI, for ex), finding the original version is gonna be interesting. I will keep digging.

In the mean time, if you get a chance to try both, do let me know your experiences/observations under different timeframes.
+1 回覆
@LazyBear good afternoon, was trying to access the HLCTRENDS indicator was unable to. was hoping that would kindly walk me through accessing it. Thanks!
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