Buy The Retrace backtest strategy

A trend-following strategy entering pullbacks
Simple but efficient

Mostly used it on 1 min chart but it works extremely well on 5 min as well.

The components of the strategy:

-MTF ATR based Trend
-Fib based cloud to help determine the trend - Caution when trend and cloud shows a different trend - a reversal may be possible.
-Optional values for the signals -how often you would like to get one- can be changed based on - the current close relative to the close-only high-low range over a given period of time.

-3x take profit levels
- all adjustable in %
- take profit quantities adjustable in % for each level
-paints a line where your average position is
-labels the current position size

Be careful where the cloud is broken, a reversal may happen.
Be careful longing / shorting the same levels which acted as a support/resistance before - this is why the win ratio is around 80% only as a small percentage gets stopped out usually.

Would like to get access? Pm me I'll grant it.


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