A simple script to show the Fridays (Weekly Option Expiry), of course this is a basic script we can make a few more improvement.

One of many ways to utilize the "dayofweek" variable.

Currently there are no options to draw a vertical line, you can do a background color for the candle.

Future plans - Include monthly option expiry.


// Created by UCSgears
// Simple script to show you Fridays (Weekly Options Expiry)
// Will release a version for Monthly Option Expiry

study("UCS_Fridays", overlay = true)

x = dayofweek == 6 ? 1 : 0

plotshape(x, style = shape.xcross, location = location.top, title="Show Me Fridays")


cool...and I remember there is a script in the library that colors each day too, so perhaps a different color for each Friday through the month. I use the same notification for FX and Fix rates.
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Nice work -- I have to admit I got super excited when I saw the title because I was trying to program a OPEX marker, but was only able to determine every Friday, not every third Friday because despite all the choices there is no ' ' weekokmonth ' variable. Admittedly I didn't spend an inordinate amount of time on it, but now that you;ve jogged my memory maybe I'll try again this afternoon.

Good stuff.
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ucsgears SPYderCrusher
I am starting to work on it as well. Primarily for options.
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Sweet. I outlined a thought process for how one could do it below, curious to see what you come up with or if that was basically your plan as well. Cheers.
any ideas for plotting expirations for future dates? not just current bar and previous.
I guess you could do weekofyear, and do like a if <4 then 3, if > 4, then n placeholder +3 something along those lines
SPYderCrusher SPYderCrusher
greater than and less than symbols didnt show but it should be if less than 4 then n is 3 and if greater than 4 then n placeholder plus 3 (on the assuming 3 would be the third week of the year + friday, then can just add four to that to get February's third friday etc).
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ucsgears SPYderCrusher
I was thinking more basic, dayofmonth and friday. It should work theoretically.
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