Co-relation and St-deviation Strategy - BNB/USDT 15min

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This indicator based on statistical analysis. it uses standard deviation and its co-relation to price action to generate signals. and following indicators has been used to calculate standard deviation and its co-relation values. finally it is capable to identify market changes in bottoms to pic most suitable points.
1. Parabolic SAR (parabolic stop and reverse)
2. Supertrend
3. Relative strength index (RSI)
4. Money flow index (MFI)
5. Balance of Power
6. Chande Momentum Oscillator
7. Center of Gravity (COG)
8. Directional Movement Index (DMI)
9. Stochastic
10. Symmetrically weighted moving average with fixed length
11. True strength index (TSI)
12. Williams %R
13. Accumulation/distribution index
14. Intraday Intensity Index
15. Negative Volume Index
16. Positive Volume Index
17. On Balance Volume
18. Price-Volume Trend
19. True range
20. Volume-weighted average price
21. Williams Accumulation/Distribution
22. Williams Variable Accumulation/Distribution
23. Simple Moving Average
24. Exponential Moving Average
25. CCI (commodity channel index)
26. Chop Zone
27. Ease of Movement
28. Detrended Price Oscillator
29. Advance Decline Line
30. Bull Bear Power
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