Zendog Bar Percentage

This script will add text to bars showing the price change of the bar as a percentage, both for open/close and high/low.
It can be used together with Rate of Change to better get an idea of how the price moved at a previous point in time.
Script uses labels for text, as there is a maximum limit of 500 labels if you want to study price movement for a specific timeframe, you can limit the timeframe from the script settings. Keep in mind that labels are applied to the last 500 candles of any timeframe.
Script also displays statistics for max changes in the selected time period, for both green and red candles both as percentage and base currency absolute value.

- Study the behavior of an asset under previous market conditions, black swan events a.s.o.
- Calculate leverage position risk versus extreme price movements
Example: ZENUSDT pumped ~35% on 15 Sep 2021 in the first seconds after the news on getting listed on Coinbase so shorts with 3x leverage would have been liquidated.

Brand new discord: https://discord.gg/EXxjq2TadC

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