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Hello traders

Continuing deeper and stronger with the screeners' educational series one more time

I - Concept

This screener detects whether the price goes above, below or stays in between the Ichimoku cloud

II - How did I set the screener

The visual signals are as follow:

- square: Above or Below

Then the colors are:

- green when above the cloud
- red when below the cloud
- orange when in the cloud

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so, the price crossover the red line is good signal right?
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Would there be any point having all 4 screeners as a single pairing e.g. ETHUSD, on various different exchanges? Or is it better to have 4 separate pairs to get a broader spectrum of the market? Thanks.
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sorry for the noob question but can this be used on other stocks too?
Nice script Sir! I do believe that the squares are only changing color if the currency is selected for the main input screen. For example, you have XMRBTC as a default crypto to monitor and all of the squares are red. I pulled up the chart for XMRBTC and there are numerous instances where price crossed the kumo cloud. I compared this script to others you created and I couldn't find a reason why only the main screen symbol is the only one behaving properly for the cloud screener. Would you be able to troubleshoot? I enjoy your code...creative, clean, and unique:)
very good, make same thing wih VWAP its missing