MFI * %B [seiglerj]

Oscillator averaging Money Flow Index and Bollinger Bands' %B
Colored bars indicate buy or sell signals
I have no idea if this is the right way to combine these two, but I'm gonna try it and see what happens
Jun 20
發布通知: Rename
Jul 17
發布通知: add names to the plots
Nov 20
發布通知: Change the combined signal to a min/max formula that only exceeds the bounds when both MFI and %B do. This reduces erroneous signals and more closely matches published MFI/%B strategies.
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Hello , interesting indicator MFI %b, but it doesen't work with my copy and paste on my print script window indicator ........why ? Thks .....
good job, my honest advice is plot 0.80 and 0.20 points for mfi and b% because bollinger says if both above 0.80 there is highly a strong uptrend vice versa

@Mlnklkm, Thanks for the confirmation! I use 20% and 80% as the default values for the "lower bound" and "upper bound" parameters on this script. They control what range of %b is aligned with 0 and 1 on MFI.
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