[RD] Easy dynamic resolution dashboard

=== Easy dynamic resolution dashboard (initial) ===

Easy dashboard to show different running reolution bars most of the scale is adjustable.

Current state is initial and could have some bugs, or been in a cleaner way of coding. Let me know if you find something so we could fix it

Best way to start is in a seperate pane to adjust the you like best or most. Afterwards can copied to chart if needed

The round circle in the middle is the avg low|high price of that specifick candle in the resolution

Loading and input adjustments could take a while (reload)

You should get a warning if the current timeframe is higher then the input resolutions choosen. Adjust the reolutions according and you should be fine

Special thanks go to and borrowed some code from
- @PineCoders
- @RicardoSantos

Notes / Updates
- Let me know where it need (bug) fixes or adjustments
發布通知: Notes / Updates

  • Added possibility to different symbols on each resolution and abbility to make use of the current symbol
  • Need some work on the alignment of the labels and text looks weird on different symbols and or tf's, needs to be generic
發布通知: Updated chart
Update chart screenshot at the scripting section
發布通知: - quick hack to show each resolution on chart
發布通知: Added another chart layout




I wish I'd understand of how to use it)
RootDuk mrgr888n
@mrgr888n, What would you like it to use for ? It can show different timeframes from different exchange pairs. Thats all there is. Sometimes a bit puzzling is needed, but it shouldnt be that hard. Let me know if i can help you out.
mrgr888n RootDuk
@RootDuk, recently I sticked with some envelope strategies on btcusd 3-15 min, but I need just 1 more filter/indicator/decider, like when price keeps at same level for 10-15 min, I wish I had some decision maker for the moment
RootDuk mrgr888n
@mrgr888n, Let me know how it should look like or send me a PM. We could probaly create it as a new script ? Cheers
Hello mate, I wanted to thank you for this brilliant idea and work that you shared here, is exactly what I needed, how did I not found this earlier...
Keep the good work, this should have been chosen for monthly tradingview best scripts. One suggestion, i`m not that good in Pine but would be helpful if you could add some text above or below each candle naming the time frame chosen for each, I use your script so widely that I forget what timeframe I chose and a text showing it would help.
Anyway wish you a very nice day
@CUBYC, hi and thanks for the comment. I will try to add the timeframe labels as soon as i found some time and trhen will update the script. Cheers!
+1 回覆
@RootDuk, For example instead of circles would prefer resolution frame of the candle and manage to make this:
lb_txt_r = f_label(ofsroot,avg(h_,l_),""+tostring(sbar_ia),clr_txt_light,size.small,label.style_none,,0),dlxt,true)
but of course i`m getting error saying that I can not use imput with tostring....

Not sure how you manage to understand these code..are you a magician? :) Thanks
@CUBYC, that is because it's allready a string. ON the other hand it wont allow you to add more labels as it allready has it's limits on labels. Updated the script with a quick add in resolution to pop-up :) Cheers.
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@RootDuk, Is working! wow, so simple, you are a master. Thanks mate, your efforts are really appreciated, have a nice day.
@CUBYC, most welcome! cheers
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