Cycles: 4x dual inputs: Swing / Time Cycles projected forward

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To project forward vertical 'cycle' lines based on user-input anchor points, and to search for confluence.
The idea being that if several well-anchored cycles agree (i.e. we see multiple bunched vertical line confluence in the future), then this may add support to an already existing trade idea, or may indicate an increased likelihood of a shift in direction.

//Usage & notes:
~In the above chart I've anchored to obvious swing lows and swing highs in Btc/Usd from 2020-2022. You could also use fixed time-based cycles from a favored start anchor point. Bars per cycle are printed at the top of each cycle box if your're interested in time cycles. I.e. for 1, 2, 3 month cycles: for BTC you could use 30, 60, 90 bars on daily; for S&P you could use 20, 40, 60 bars on daily.
~On first loading the indicator you will be asked select 'start date', and 'end date' for each of 4 sessions (8x clicks on chart). After this you can easily reset points by clicking the indicator display line three dots>> reset points. Or you can simply drag the vertical box edges (purple lines) to change your cycle anchor points.
~Be sure the start anchor point is before the end anchor point or box/lines won't appear.
~When you drop down to low timeframes you might get bar_index error due to history available: you need then to click the three dots on indicator display line >> reset points >> 8x clicks on the chart.
~Vertical projected lines will match the color of the cycle box they origninate from.
~Lines will project into the future as far as is allowed by tradingview (500 bars max)

~Time start and end dates for each cycle (change these as described above, or input manually)
~Show/hide each cycle (default is show all 4)
~Formatting options: color of forward projected lines, line width, line style, line / box / text color.
~Box transparancy: Set to 100 to make boxes invisible & declutter the chart. Set to 0 for maximum opacity. Default is 80.

thanks to @Sathyamurthie for his ideas on cycle confluence which caused me to write this.
~Added Conflunce Line with deviation (bars) input. Paints a bold confluence line over the primary cycle line if the selected cycle lines (from cycle 2, 3, 4) are within 'x' bar of the primary cycle line. Set to zero if you demand an exact match.
Example: Bitcoin Daily Downswings calling the 1yr low; demo of Conflunce line & deviation bars input, with indicator settings shown:

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