Adaptive Fisherized CMF

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Heyo, here I made a normalized Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) indicator with Inverse Fisher Transform (IFT) and some smoothing techniques.
I had to normalize the indicator in order to fit it to the IFT range (-1 -> 1).

Moreover, the good old adaptive mode is also included in this indicator. It uses Ehlers superb dominant cycle techniques.
It also has divergence detection, several options for individualisation and doesn't repaint.


CMF above 0 => bullish market
CMF below 0 => bearish market
(You can also use the inner bands instead of the zero line, to make these signals more precise)

Bullish regular/hidden divergence => long
Bearish regular/hidden divergence => short

Enjoy guys!
PS: I really would like to hear some feedback of you.

Reworked CMF calculation
Removed incompatible adaptive modes (Hilbert Transform and Median)
Removed Kalman filter, because it had somehow no impact on CMF.
Added option to disable divergence lines
Optimized divergence colors (light purple => bullish, dark purple => bearish)
Restructured input settings

Side Note:
Credits to
- @tista
- @blackcat1402
- @DasanC
- @cheatcountry

Ty guys for your inspiring scripts. In this script I took some code parts of you. Keep up that good work!
Removed 34 as max length of Homodyne Discriminator


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