Trendlines 2x +

Copy of "Trendlines - JD" script by Duyck, which draws Trendlines from the pivot points in the price chart.

I have simply Doubled the amount of Trendlines , so now there are;

A Primary set of Trendlines at a higher lookback length and Thicker Line Width


A Secondary set of Trendlines at a Lower lookback length and Thinner Line Width
The default values work well when comparing multiple time frames at 3x time difference, play around with these values for other x time variations

I have also simplyfied the Trendline Extension Function to make it more user friendly

Please use the Alerts with caution as the Trendline Break function still needs to be optimised

Also included are Trend Candles to color the bars according to momentum, Trencandles script is a copy of UCS_Trend by ucsgears
發布通知: Added Support / Resistance Zones

Modified Menus / Inputs for ease of use
發布通知: Added Alerts for Support / Resistance thanks to pune3tghai
發布通知: Fixed S/R Alert condition
發布通知: Added option to change trendline line type - Dotted, Dashed, Solid
發布通知: Added Timeframe customisation to Support / Resistance Zones & Added an Extra set of Support / Resistance Zones

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