Dynamic Trailing Support & Resistance

Dynamic Trailing Support & Resistance (DTSR) :

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DTSR is an objective dynamic support and resistance zone channel, Unlike subjective technical analysis DTSR finds S&R zones by calculating a range threshold within a given range over a specified lookback. FIB (Fibonacci) 38.2% and 61.8% retracement zones are also plotted for intermediate zones of resistance / support within the main resistance / support zones.

▾ <=> Close or high >= Trailing Resistance
▴ <=> Close or low <= Trailing Support
HH = The Highest High over the given Lookback period
LL = Lowest Low over the given Lookback period
Proximal Lines = The trailing S&R zones over the given lookback
Distal Lines = The HH or LL over the given lookback

DTSR Formula

note : This idea is not original to me, and was inspired by another creators work

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