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Hello Tradeurs, firstly let me say this… Please do not think that this dump is over (so I want to gift you one of the best gifts I CAN gift you at the PERFECT TIME...which is now) but I believe it to be the final one before a New Beginning is upon us. I hope that anybody that sees this within the next day or so listens to me when I tell you this… Follow the instructions below, IF ANYTHING, just to set the alert to be notify you so you can see why I’m about to tell you everything that I’m about to tell you. That being that this indicator is pure magic…..BUT you must stay in your lane when using it (ie. ultimately, understand its use case) and most importantly, how many people you expose it to. The good thing about it is it produces very few alerts. In fact, it was built SOLELY to find the very tips of MAJOR dumps/pumps (with its current default settings). I honestly cannot remember where I acquired the code so if anyone recognizes it please direct me to the source so I can give a shoutout. In the past it has been so astonishingly accurate that I didn’t want to publish it but I've just been...in the mood I suppose recently.

Now…it is SPECIFICALLY meant for the 1min TF. I’ll say it again… It is meant for ONE MINUTE CHARTS…it was built for 1min charts, it will only work as well as I’m describing to you on the…you guessed it…ONE MINUTE CHART (again, with the default settings how they are, that is). If any of you use it for this present dump (November 8, 2022) and want to thank me for it or speak very highly about it or give it a bunch of likes… DO NOT!!! I will reword this so you fully comprehend my urgency on this matter. I do not want this indicator getting out for every Joe Schmoe (or stupid YouTuber) to use and spread because the manipulators will see to it that it will no longer work. Things that will happen that will cause it to gain the popularity that I do not want it to have are the following:
1) You "like" the indicator in TradingView to show appreciation/that your using it so that it will show up in your indicators list (to get past this you need to select all of the text of the script on the indicator's page and copy and paste it into the “Pine Editor”. Then select "save" and name it as you wish. Now, it is in your indicator list under the name that you saved it as.
2) You *favorite* the indicator in TradingView
3) You leave comments in the comments section on the indicators page in TradingView (I really do love hearing comments about anything regarding my indicators(positive or negative..though I haven't gotten any negative yet SO BRING IT ON), even though I don’t get too many of them, so if you are grateful (or hateful) PLEASE message me privately (and really I truly truly do appreciate getting comments/messages so if it has benefited you make sure to message me as I might have more for those that do express their gratitude) and tell me anything that you want to tell me or ask me anything that you wanna ask me there).
One major thing that will help to suppress its popularity will be that if anybody goes back on historical charts to see its accuracy they most likely will not be able to go far back enough on the 1min TF to be able to Witness its efficacy so I'm banking on that helping to keep a lid on things.

The settings used (as well as the TF used) really should not be changed if using it for its intended purpose. On little dumps that last for a few hours os so will produce points somewhere in the 40 to 60 range at the dumps/pumps peak. Each coin is worth one point and there are 40 coins per set and 2 sets (that you will have to link together) and when the under the hood indicator is triggered for that coin it will add a point to the score. With the settings how they are and on the 1min TF(if I hadn't mentioned it yet. lol) a good point alert threshold to use to catch the apex of heavy pumps/dumps would be between 70 to 80 points(80 is max). Ultimately is the users choice to input the alert threshold of points in the indicators settings(default is 72). If you’re trying to nail the very bottom of a hard pump/dump, DO NOT fall for times where it peaks at 50 to 60. You’re looking for 70 or above.

*** This is the most important thing to do as you will not receive an alert if you do not do this correctly. You have to add the indicator two times to the chart. One of the indicators needs to be under “Coin Set 1“ and the other under “Coin Set 2“. Now, in “Set 1“ you need to go to the setting entitled “Select New Beginning Count Plot from drop-down“ and you need to open the drop-down and select the plot entitled “A New Beginning Count Plot”. This will link both the indicators and since there are 40 coins per iteration of the script, when you link them it could give you a max of 80 points total at the very peak of a very strong dump...which will obviously be rare. You CAN use only one copy of the script (but need to change the alert setting to a MAX of 40) but in my experience it's best to use both of them and to link them. It gives you a more well-rounded outcome. Good luck my people and always remember...Much love...Much Love. May the force be with your trades. -ChasinAlts out.
Changing the image
Here is an intro how to do all that I described in the description of this indicator.
I was notified by multiple people that they were receiving a "Memory exceeded" error. This used to never happen with TV (or it took a LOT more (ie...in the beginning origins of this script I had 4 different iterations of the script that I would like with like 35-40 coins in each script....and it would work). Over time TV has OBVIOUSLY restricted the memory allotted to each user. Premium Users should have nearly unlimited (if you ask me) as its kind of ridiculous...literally RIDICULOUS how often I am met with exceeding the maximum of something allotted to me even in the times of paying for the highest tier they offer (ok...done with rant). AAAAnyways...just wanted to give you guys a working solution(which was just to remove 2 out of the initial 40 coins in each "set" of coins goin from a total (after linked) of 80 coins to now, a total of 76. I have removed 4 coins that have low trading volume to them and have adjusted the default alert threshold accordingly (from a triggering threshold of 72 to now 68 for the alert). Hope everyone is doing well. I turn 36 today so am happy to be able to join my little boys for a nice day. Peace brothers and sisters. May the force be with you. -ChasinAlts

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