[JRL] Murrey Math Lines

Murrey Math Lines are support and resistance lines based on geometric mathematical formulas developed by T.
H. Murrey. MM lines are a derivation of the observations of W.D. Gann . Murrey's geometry facilitate the use of Gann's theories in a somewhat easier application. According to Gann's theory, price tends to trend and retrace in 1/8th intervals. The most important MM line levels are the 0/8, 4/8 and 8/8 levels, which typically provide strong support and resistance points. The 3/8 and 5/8 levels represent the low and high of the typical trading range. When price is above the typical trading range, it is considered overbought, and when it is below it is considered oversold. The 2/8 and 6/8 levels provide strong pivot points .

Some of the other Murrey Math indicators on TradingView use different formulas and therefore produce varying results. I've checked my indicator against MM indicators on other platforms and it is consistent with those indicators.

This indicator also allows users to switch to alternative timeframes for analysis and it includes labels for the MM lines. If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them below.

發布通知: Fixed -3/4 line rendering issue
發布通知: Changed method of plotting labels so they could be offset to the right.


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