Inside Bar Momentum Strategy

Description for the strategy:

It's an inside bar momentum trade, looking for candlestick formations breakout and trading momentum with a short stop and target to 80% of the initial candle.

The entry is on a break of the original candle, stop loss is at 20% of the candle range (from the entry).

In case there's a new inside bar formation, all existing orders and trades are cancelled and new orders are placed for the new levels.

從常用腳本中移除 新增至常用腳本


Hi Alex , can you script a Bollinger bands over an rsi
alexpunct emenikemoses16
@emenikemoses16, I can, but I think you can apply the bollinger bands on an RSI yourself (that will use 2 indicators). If you want to have them in 1 indicator then it probably needs to be something custom. PM me and we can discuss
beautiful work sir!
Love your work Alex ty.
alexpunct Cryptonite_trader
@Cryptonite_trader, thanks, I'm happy to hear
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