Centerline Supertrend

A centerline/non-chart indicator version of Everget's Supertrend script for use in NNFX-style indicator setups, with the emphasis on this indicator NOT adding visual clutter to the main charting area with a baseline indicator already present.
  • This is literally the EXACT same script as Everget's Supertrend, but not drawn on the chart and with the fill/stop and fill/state level removed.

  • Adjust to your timeframe/asset and backtest/forward-test accordingly.

Source script by Everget (Supertrend):
從收藏腳本中移除 新增至收藏腳本


if all signals could appear just a bar of two earlier...:)
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ViSi0nZ dpanday
@dpanday, Agreed. Seem's like you miss the majority of the move.. or just miss out on an optimal entry.
hi, Do you have the strategy for this? Would like to do some backtesting. Thank you!
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Example chart showing supertrend in setup that is off chart:
auroagwei auroagwei
Same setup but with Supertrend on chart:
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