Candlestick Pattern Finder

This script identifies common candlestick patterns and marks them with a tool-tip on the chart. It is a compilation of Tradingview's built-in candlestick finding scripts so it uses the same rules defined by Tradingview to identify the patterns. Instead of using a separate indicator for each candlestick pattern, you can use this script to find all the candlestick patterns with a single indicator.

By default, the script does not mark any of the detected patterns on the chart. You will have to open the indicator settings and enable the patterns you would like to see on the chart. There are also three tick-boxes that let you to enable/disable all the selected bearish / bullish /neutral patterns at once, i.e. if you would like to only see bearish patterns, you can disable all the bullish and neutral patterns at once with the corresponding tick boxes. When you enable bullish patterns again, the script will show your selection of bullish patterns again on the chart.

When you hover on the tool-tips with your cursor, a short description about the pattern will be displayed.




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