OHLC-Ratio Normalized

Normalized Version of OHLC-Ratio (0-1,0-10,0-100,etc.)
發布通知: Updated for easier viewing
發布通知: Added "Enable Difference" Option
Basically what you are seeing on the indicator is where bottoms are being bought or tops are being sold (long wick vs full body).
發布通知: Version 2.0! Improvement of the following:
-Normalized Candle Display
-Body2Wick Ratio, as candle strength
-Top/Bottom Wick Ratio, as pressure indication
-Colored Candles, Doji, Gravestone, Dragonfly
-Highlighted background for Special Candles

Hope you like it, for more trading talk head over to my profile and find out more.
發布通知: Removed Input Doji %, fixed range now between 45% and 55%.
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