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Among the many indicators, it can be said that DMI is the only "super turning" indicator. This indicator can alone send out risk warning signals when extreme market conditions occur in the stock market, helping us to solve some problems.
If we can operate according to the instructions of DMI, firstly, we can avoid the mistake of buying stocks at the head. Secondly, in the process of falling fear of the market, we can follow the direction signal sent by DMI and catch every time on the way down. Opportunity to rebound to unwind.
If you look at the diagram of the DMI, you will think it is very complicated, because there are four lines in its diagram, and they are intertwined, and it is difficult to distinguish the complex signals in it. But don't worry about its complex structure, we will fully dissect this indicator.

These four lines are: PDI, MDI, ADX and ADXR. The scale of the table is from 0-100, which means from very weak to very strong. The PDI curve and MDI curve on some software are called +DI curve and -DI curve , all have the same meaning.
PDI: Represents the position of multiple parties in the market.
In market movements, the higher the PDI, the stronger the current market. On the contrary, it is a weak market. The A-share market is easy to go to extremes. Therefore, we can see that in the past A-share market, the PDI sometimes fell to near zero, and at this time, it often indicated that a rebound and uptrend was about to start.
MDI: Represents the position of the bears in the market.
In the market movement, the higher the MDI goes, the weaker the current market is, and vice versa, it is a strong market. Before a big bull market comes, we can see the MDI drop to a position close to zero, and at this time, the bears in the market have no power to fight back.

The relationship between PDI and MDI:
In the operation of the market, PDI and MDI are intertwined with each other. If the PDI is above the MDI, the market at this time is a strong market. The MDI is above the PDI, which is a bear market. The closer the distance between the two, the market is in a stalemate of consolidation. On the contrary, the further apart the two lines are, the more obvious the unilateral nature of the market is, whether it is a bull market or a bear market. The so-called unilateral market means that there is no midway adjustment when it rises, and there is no rebound correction when it falls.
ADX: Fast steering pullback.
The difference between ADX and other analysis indicators is that whether it is rising or falling, as long as there is a unilateral market, it runs upwards, not like other indicators, the strong market runs upwards and the weak market runs downwards.
The thread is almost entwined with PDI and MDI in general market movement, which makes no sense at this time. However, once the market breaks out of the market and starts to go to extremes, whether the market is rising or falling, ADX will start to run upwards. At this time, ADX has a clear meaning, because DMI has begun to issue early warning of impending turn!
ADXR: slow pull back.
This line is matched to ADX and is a moving average of ADX values. When ADX goes up, ADXR goes up with it, just slower.
When a round of rapid decline ends, it usually needs to be corrected by a rebound, and ADX will take the lead in turning up. Once it crosses with ADXR, it is regarded as an effective breakthrough.

Numerical division. I set an input threshold for HEDMI, and users can set the optimal threshold to buy and sell according to different TFs.
When PDI crosses the threshold, no matter how strong the bull market is, we must beware of risks from happening at any time.
In order to distinguish more clearly, I slightly modified the formula of the system, and when this happens, the indicator will issue a green warning label, so as to avoid risks in time.

Comprehensive use of four lines:
If the four lines in the steering indicator DMI are intertwined below 50, it usually means that the market is in a state of mild consolidation at this time. The DMI indicator at this time is useless because it does not generate a strong pullback force. Don't worry about an unexpected turnaround in the market. As for the consolidation, it's not a turnaround, it's a breakout.
When PDI and MDI gradually separate, at this time, ADX and ADXR will also rise. At this time, the DIM that is usually messy like twine will be clearly separated. When rising, PDI rises along with ADX and ADXR, while MDI sinks weakly. On the contrary, when the market starts to fall, MDI will rise along with ADX and ADXR, and PDI will sink helplessly. At this time, the DMI will be like a "tiger's mouth", gradually opening its bloody mouth. The bigger the opening, the more lethal the bite.
Here comes a tactic, or technical trend, called double hooves, that is, PDI and MDI split, ADX and ADXR upward to produce golden forks, PDI and MDI are like the double front hooves of a horse, ADX and ADXR The golden fork is like the rear hooves of a steed ready to take off, and this trend of the four lines is like the four legs of a steed that is about to run.
If you think it is too complicated to look at DMI like this, then I can tell you the easiest way to judge, that is, just look at the PDI line. When the PDI line falls below 10, boldly buy the dip, because it is a dip, so you need to calculate the rebound At this time, combined with the golden section theory I often talk about, you can easily find the selling point by making the golden section of the downward trend for the previous trend.
This kind of bottom-hunting method uses the golden section theory, and basically there will be no losses. Remember that one thing is not to be greedy and strictly enforce discipline. This is bottom-hunting, and advancing with both hooves is chasing up. The two styles are different, and the operation styles are different. You also need to explore more in actual combat. Any kind of trick, if you practice it proficiently, it is a unique trick.

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