Simple EMA Long Only Strategy

Simple EMA long only strategy, using ATR on crossings to minimize fake signals.
Nov 11
發布通知: Added ATR multiplier input and updated Pine Script to version 4
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Love this script, set it to 21 ema on 4 hour chart of Gold and US oil and its perfect. Will you be adding alerts? thanks
smiley1910 smiley1910
@smiley1910, **Add Heikin Ashi candles to get the best out of this indicator
Hi! I tried to insert the code in pine script and is not working... you should review it.... thanks!
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@Revolut, it works for me, I don't even think you can publish scripts that doesn't compile on tv.
Dollar_BTC coingrabber
@coingrabber, how can I make this go short as well? thank you for your work
coingrabber Dollar_BTC
@Dollar_BTC, change line 16 to this:

strategy.entry("Sell", strategy.short, when=bear_cross)
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