Symbol Info

For those who likes clean chart:

Adjustable Symbol ticker and timeframe( AKA watermark) script is here.

1: You can place Symbol ticker and timeframe info anywhere on the chart.
Also you can hide one of them or both.

  • Horizontal options: Left Center Right
  • Vertical options: Top Middle Bottom

Size: Tiny Smal Normal Large Huge Auto
Color is adjustable. Background is optional too.

2: Even more cool part is you can add 2 different custom texts that can switch. (Idea from Pinecoders original script)
You don't have to use text function and reposition it everytime, your message will always stays at one place.
Let the chart deliver your message.

I put my favourite trading slangs there:
1. Do Your Own Research (DYOR)
2. Not a Financial Advice (NFA)


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