Kozlod - Pivot Reversal Strategy Alerts V2

Its' new version of previously published Kozlod - Pivot Reversal Strategy Alerts

Indicator now better correspond to original strategy. However, there can be some differences. Problem is that it's pretty tricky to implement in plain PineScript same "stop" logic used in strategy.entry of the original script

發布通知: Cleaning the code


PineScript Programming: https://qntly.com/pinepro
TradingView Essential: https://qntly.com/tve

Access to Pro Indic.: https://qntly.com/proind

YouTube: https://qntly.com/youtube
Discord: https://qntly.com/discord
Telegram: https://qntly.com/tel


I tried your previous indicator and for some reason the alert was not triggered. It worked earlier, but all of a sudden it did not.
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ulieni ulieni
I wonder if its a flaw in tradingview though, not your script.

Other than that, great work, appreciate!
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Added strategy version with backtest date range:

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Hi, Thanks for sharing and creating this! I have a question.

How does the alerts appear? Is is possible to let the alert to be sent by email? If yes how?

Answer would realy be helpfull!

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spinmaker michaeljm
@michaeljm, Yes you can set it up to email. Did you work out how? PM me if not.
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Too bad you can't get this thing to work reliabley Koz. We're waiting.....
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seventeenseconds seventeenseconds
@seventeenseconds, btw, I would gladly pay 30 bucks for that 'cause I'm losing sleep watchin' this thing the way it needs to be watched.
seventeenseconds seventeenseconds
@seventeenseconds, UPDATE: Hey hey! I got it to work again. Hopefully it is useable as is after all. It is finicky though. Thanks Koz.
seventeenseconds seventeenseconds
@seventeenseconds, UPDATE 2: long worked, short did not. Bummer. Luckily I woke up in time to save my azz. Oh well. :-(
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