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A position size, stop loss and take profit calculator to make forex trading easier.

Utilizes the symbol, payout rates, etc.

How to Use:
Go to the indicator's settings and change the "Settings" and "Entry" sections. After saving your settings, the values will be drawn in a table on the chart.

This has been republished, so that it has the correct name. You can't change the name of scripts once they've been published as far as I'm aware. So, this version of the script will receive updates, and the Trap Calculator will just be a 1.0 version, that's available.

There are default values within the calculator, so use at your own risk and do your own due diligence. This is public so that you can use it to make a calculator that better suits your needs if you want.
Big Update/Rewrite to fix a lot of the existing bugs and to add additional functionality. Now you can calculate an initial position size for one of the listed symbols, and if the risk % is too high, you can manually calculate a lot size for more accurate position sizing.
Changed some default values. Added EURJPY and GBPJPY. Updated exchange rates for included symbols. Fixed a lot of the math that was broken. Formatted Code and snippets to make it more readable.
Added Account Currency Type, so that users who fund their accounts via CAD can also use the calculator for risk management.

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