Super Volume Indicator

So this is combination of my volume indicator that i put in the past
included volume trend, obv , vpt , net volume , vwap etc
cross up -10 is in blue cross
cross down -10 is in red cross
cross up 0 is in green circle
crossdown zero is in orange circle
piz =length of indictor, you can increase it to try to find better fit to graph
Oct 29
發布通知: add linear regression of volume
Oct 29
發布通知: small corection
Oct 29
發布通知: fix some mistake and add alert
buy 1 =cross -10 up
buy 2=cross 0 up
sell 1 cross 10 down
sell 2 cross 0 down
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Good Day.

Sir @RafaelZioni nice and great indicator. Thank you for your brilliant. Sir, may i know the range of Piz...? Can it be, less than 1...?
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@MrMama, I think you need to see if different piz are better suited . 1 is minimum
Thank you very much. You are a Genius.
Rafael your indi rocks ..Can you please make it a strategy..thks
nice one. thanks a lot!
erb00 SolaFolda
@SolaFolda, pls where can I get a full detail tutorials videos about this volume stuff i heard ita great and even from ur comments
@erb00, no where. this indicator is not similar to anything .. as it combine multiple unrelated volume indicatos, calculate the avreage trend of each and by that we make the super volume indicator
erb00 RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, can u pls teach me ? Plsss
@erb00, you can contact me in private
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